Work process

Wonder what is the work process behind creating an image with us ?
You can check below how the standard routine works. Alternatively if you want to propose something we are flexible!


Gather all the information you can to prepare the most accurate brief of your project that you can at the moment and send it to us.

Prepare any CAD data, drawings, moodboard, finishes summary that you can. Specify how many images you need and if it is possible mark up the areas you want to show on the floorplan.

We will prepare a quote for you and check when we can start working on the project.

After agreeing on the above we start working on your images.


We model the space you want to show and prepare a few camera positions for you to choose from.


After you decide on the camera angle you like best we add all the finishes to the space in accordance to the brief you previously sent us.
This is the time to mark-up any changes you would like to  make to  the design representation.


You mark-up any changes you would like to  make to  the design and send them to be applied to the image.

You have two rounds of changes like this.



We apply the changes you request and send you the full resolution image.


Still have any doubts ?

Do not hesitate to contact us ! You can find a contact form in the Contact page. We will be more than happy to assist you !